The Creative Process (Beading) Part 2

In my first post I talked about what happens when I start a particular project.

Most of the time I have a specific design in mind. This time was no different, but I wasn’t sure on the execution. You see, with beading–along with many other crafts–you can get the same result using different techniques. I knew I wanted a focal and I knew I wanted that focal to blend into the rest of the design but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

So yes I looked at designs on the interwebs featuring the Twin beads. I did find what I was looking for. However I was a ditz and didn’t bookmark the page and now, cannot find it!  It took a few false starts but I ended up with a center medallion.


This portion was created using Ndebele (Herringbone) and peyote.  The beginning portion of the strap is a Right Angle Weave (RAW).  But from here, I didn’t want it to be ordinary, so I turned my muse loose with the colors, shapes and sizes.

She very happily produced this:


Here we have different sections of colors forming the basic shape of the necklace. I allowed the beads to shape the form, but knew I wasn’t quite finished yet.


Oh and I almost forgot  I have an Etsy page and a FB page.


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