The Creative Process (Beading) Part 3

Bring on the Cow Bell!

Or at least that is what this post should be subtitled.

In the first post I discussed what drove me to start this necklace and the supplies I picked out to use.

The second post was about the process of creating the necklace using various stitches.

This post will be about about finishing the necklace.

While the initial piece only took a day to complete the rest of this necklace took another two weeks. Now, because I don’t have a lot of time during the week after work, cooking dinner, chasing kids and whatnot, most of my beading time is during the weekends. I do sneak in some time during the week, but compared to how much I can work on a weekend it is negligible.

So the first thing I wanted to do was secure the necklace a little more.  Bugle Beads aren’t tumbled like most seed beads, so the ends are often sharp. Any thread that touches those ends are subject to cutting or breaking. I went back through the Bugle Bead ladder, increasing the layers of seed beads on the edges and extending the frames so that they overlapped the other elements.

Next, I allowed different elements to blend into each other.  What this basically consisted of was creating bridges of seed beads from one color down into another. I also added some new beads into the necklace to help with the interaction.




I then worked on the other side of the necklace, bridging the bright gold seed beads with the freeform light amber Twin Beads and matte blue seed beads.





Next I extended some of the colors near the medallion (center).





The next part was the hardest. Because I simply love fringe, I wanted to incorporate a branching technique into the piece, but wasn’t quite sure where until I played around.






The lower half is covered in a short spiky fringe that runs up the middle.  Now that I look at it, I might work more into the sides of the straps for a more uniform look.

The last part of completing this necklace was the most difficult. After the fringe I knew it wasn’t quite done, but I wasn’t for sure what I wanted to do. So again I played with the beads on my tray.



Here I added some square beads and another arm stretching down.




I added a netted portion to cover some of the odd gaps in the side along with some pearls.

And this is the finished piece.






I enjoyed creating this necklace, even though it didn’t quite turn out the way I expected.



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