Well Hello There! (unexpected characters)

On Sunday I reached the 10,000 word mark on my short (hahaha) story. Whoo Hooo!

It’s kind of a benchmark for me, as the longest thing I’ve written in a year has been just over 6K.

This story isn’t complete yet and I’ve just gotten past the set up phase, however I’ve run into a bit of a problem.

You see, I have unexpected characters.

Fear Bound isn’t a drafted story. I am pantsing it–organic writing, no outline–like a lot of my other stories.  I have the beginning (now on paper) and an ending (in my head). Along the way I need to put in plot points a, b and c; clues d,e, f, and g; and sub plots x and y.

Yea this gets complicated when it’s all in your head, but for me it usually works.

Except in order to so all of this, I have to either have the few main characters do all the work or introduce new characters.

It wasn’t a conscious decision. They just stepped in. (seriously!) And now I’ve got a more complex story than I had before.

Of course now, I’ve got to backtrack and do a bit of research on these new characters.  The background between the MC and a New Character (NC) is complex and things haven’t come to blows between them yet, but I do think it could in the very near future.

I’m kind of glad the NC stepped in. I get to explore more tension in this story. Build it up in different directions so that it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. And plan a diffusion between the now 3 most important characters of the story.

New characters aren’t always an advantage though. They may try to steal the scene or pull the story in their direction. Or they might not work in the story in other drafts. (Which is a pain when you have to write them OUT of a story.)

But in this case, I think this will work out MUCH better than my original plan.

Current word count as of Monday morning: 10366. I’ll be keeping regular postings on my progress.


2 responses to “Well Hello There! (unexpected characters)

  1. I tend to pants it most of the time, and so I might be used to characters popping up out of nowhere. But it does take some getting used to and limbering up the brain to balance–I think you’re on the right track. It’s like finding an unexpected spice in your dish. It doesn’t change the whole thing, but adds a different accent. 🙂 (Of course, then I have characters go and unexpectedly DIE, and that’s a whole other issue.)


    • Oh, I hate it when they just decide to die. Of course, it sets up a whole new case of problems for the characters though.
      Good luck with your writing Natania! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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