My Furbabies

I, like many other writers and artists have pets. I actually have 2 cats, Olaf and Sadie.

Olaf came into our lives as a wee little kitty. His momma had disappeared and a neighbor of a friend of ours was taking care of the litter. When B saw a teeny little kitty in the road, he stopped to rescue it and fell in love.


Olaf is a very quiet cat most of the time. He grunts and makes little noises. When it thunders he runs and hides. He loves snuggling with his blanket.


But he was lonely with B and I out of the house most of the week. So last year we started the search for a playmate for Olaf. One Saturday afternoon, I had to run into town to get some car parts and stopped at Wally World. In the parking lot a family was holding a sign saying they had free kittens. I stopped.

When the little boy opened up the pet carrier, this little black fuzzball jumped out, ran to my lap and proceeded to crawl up my shirt meowing the entire time. I fell in love with her right then.

Olaf wasn’t so sure about the new arrival. He hissed and growled and hid for a few days before making up his mind. But when he did, he decided he was going to be a mother/brother to her. It was funny watching him hold her down so he could bathe her. She’d squeak in protest.

We named her Saddie, and rightfully so. She’s a sadistic little wench always curious and getting into things.


She isn’t afraid of heights and jumps on the top shelf on the bookshelf and–as seen in this photo–the top of the closet door. (don’t ask me how she got up there in the first place. I still don’t know)

These two play a lot- wrestling and chasing and pouncing. Olaf is much happier with his little buddy. Mornings are often hilarious as they go through the “runasfastasyoucanjumpingoneverything” mode.


They love to help me with my yarn. I have to keep everything locked up otherwise I’ll have a skein of yarn to ball up. I try to keep my beads out of sight, however I do think Sadie has found my hidey hole as I found beads all over the carpet the other day.

I do think they enjoy each other’s company as you find them close to each other most of the day.


Then even snuggle when they sleep.



2 responses to “My Furbabies

    • 😦
      We had an older cat, Del, when B first brought Olaf home. She hated the kitten.
      Unfortunately she had some major health issues and we had to put her down. 😦
      Some cats just don’t get along well.


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