Opinions needed – Crowdfunding

I’ve always been the crafty type. I learned embroidery and crochet when I was just a kid. From there I taught myself to draw, paint, macrame, and all sorts of other creative things.

When my kids were little I taught myself how to make things with beads. Not stringing, but weaving. Of course I started with patterns, but I quickly branched out on my own playing with different patterns and seeing what I can do.

Oh a whim, I went to a Pow-Wow and by chance met Stacy. She admired my beadwork and I admired the glass creations she had at her booth. She invited to come sit at the little Hot Head torch she had set up.

I was an instant fanatic. In my head I had plans to start torching along with my beadwork. I acquired a Hot Head, glass, and those little bottles of fuel you use with camping. It wasn’t bad. I could make beads, but the Hot Head is slow and there’s many things you can’t do easily or at all.

Real Life happened and I set the dreams of fire aside in order to keep going.

Then this past Christmas B bought me a dragon–well a torch. A big girl torch. In fact, this torch is probably the only torch I’ll every have to buy (unless I want to really upgrade into different types of glass.) The Major Bench Burner has a wide range of uses. (The one in the middle is the one I have)

We made plans to clean out the garage and set up a studio at the beginning of the year. We made a list of all the things I need including: hoses, flashback arrestors, pressure gauges and an oxygen concentrator. If we were frugal (and we are) we figured I’d be torching in a month or maybe two at most.

Then RL happened again. We’ve had car repairs, bought 2 cars from my parents (because there are soon to be 3 people driving in the house) and other various bills we just weren’t expecting. B’s dad (who is disabled) might need some money to get another chair. There’s all these other things that keeps getting put ahead of the studio.

This is part of my dream. To be able to create things for others. I don’t really wear much of it myself, but it’s hard to describe the joy I feel when others pick out something I made.

I want this and it’s time to be proactive about it.

So I’m looking at crowdfunding to help me fund get there. I need to know what people think about it. What are some hints for a successful fundraiser.

I’m doing my own research. And yes I’ll be offering incentives for support, but would it be fair to offer some of my first beads? Or would people be willing to wait until I had a bit of time to practice? Would people enjoy some of the seedbead work?

Let me know what you think.

Thank you


11 responses to “Opinions needed – Crowdfunding

  1. Crowd sourcing requires some type of equity.

    Platform equity: your blog receives thousands of hits a day (or some other website)

    Money: You already have considerable funds for the project but want to entire other people to invest so as to expand.

    Reputation: You have a reputation of other projects people find enticing (related to platform)

    Team Equity: you are attached to a team or group that, as a whole, has a platform.



    • Thank you Anthony.
      As to equity, I have most of the equipment needed, including the torch, glass, safety equipment, and some experience. I am just needing assistance with just a few things.

      I have a small platform of friends who would be willing to help out.

      Team, well, possibly. The MBR might be willing to assist.

      Platform is my weakest point currently. As I’ve neglected my blog for some time.

      However, I am working to rebuild and I am no where near ready to launch any sort of fundraising at this point. I’m just seeking opinions and advice.
      (Believe me if I could pick up more hours or actually sell things on my etsy page it would not be a problem. Catch 22- If I don’t push forward I won’t be able to but can’t push forward because of financial reasons.)


      • Well, it would be nice to have all of those but you only need to be strong in one. What people look for in sourcing is someone who can prove they delivered one way or the other and with a sufficient stake in the game.

        I would say go for it, then. It’s critical to have a launch video that touts the project.

        And that is the extent of my crowd-sourcing knowledge. Other than I spent WAY too much money on Kickstarter the last 12 months.


    • hey sister… I see you tagged me 🙂 ty! also left you msg on FB, we should chat CF’g, long story… call me tomorrow afternoon or Sunday late morning, k? 🙂 hugsssss


  2. Have you thought about just selling gift certificates? That way, you aren’t asking for donations, but it would be more like investments. Once you start putting up your beads for sale, if the certificate holder would like to wait until you’ve had more practice, they can. At some point, after you’ve earned enough money, you can also offer to buy any outstanding certificates back.


    • Jenny, that is a great idea. So glad I have friends with good ideas.
      I have no idea if it will work however, I can give it a go. I’m willing to try about anything. 😀

      Thank you


      • I would take a gift certificate. Love beadweaving and rings and am always looking for kewl stuff. Would love to help out and, maybe with your permission, come up with something to use the beads in.


        • I think With the certificates, I would ask specifics on what they would like. Whether it be a color or theme I could work with them to make a special piece.


          • I like tbat idea, too. Just make sure to keep it rather limited as to a choice of color or tbeme. Otherwise you run the risk of someone trying to dictate exactly what the bead should look like and gripe if it doesn’t turn out exactly how they picture it.


            • I don’t mind doing custom work at all. I’ve done some seed bead work that has exceeded expectations. 😉 The thing with the lampworking is, it might take me a bit to be able to make what they want. I think I know what direction I’d like to go with the glass but I have no idea how long it will be until I get there.


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