Plan of Action

Well I got some great feedback on my question about crowdfunding. Thank you to those who offered suggestions and comments.  I greatly appreciate it.

So now I have some ideas (really great ones) the next step is making the plan.

First step is to decide what kind of gift certificates I’ll offer on my etsy account and for how much.

I plan on offering several options such as custom bracelet(s), necklace or other custom beadwork. It can also include editing or a custom story if you would like.  Lastly, the gift certificates can be used for one of my upcoming lampworked beads, however it might take a few months to create something worthy.

I am offering to work with each customer individually to produce something that they will wear (or read) and enjoy.

So please take this little survey and let me know what items I should focus on.

Crowdfunding Perks

Thank you


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