So what kind of beads do I want to make?

If I’m going to go through all the trouble of getting a torch and studio, I should really let you all know what kind of beads I’d like to make.

These are some beads I was making back in 2006 or so. ImageI was just starting to get into the groove of fire and glass. I am really excited that I’m going back.

But first, I’m going to have to start over. I haven’t sat at a torch for nearly 7 years. Now, when i was torching, I sure wasn’t a Monet or a Picasso, but I felt I was doing a pretty good job considering I wasn’t able to torch long. One of the biggest skills is learning to create a nice round bead with dimpled edges around the mandrel.  I still have most of those beads and I can tell you about when each one was made.

Lampworking is a skill where you have to have patience and the ability to think on the fly (we are talking about HOT glass here). Finding that sweet spot in the flame will take a few hours. Re-learning how to create different effects will take a little while too. But mostly, the first month or so will be making 100 beads of various colors.

Yes spacer beads. For a beginning Lampworker, this is the most important lesson they will learn. These beads will need to be the same size, the same shape and I’ll get to make them over and over and over again.

Once I have nice round beads with dimples, I can move on to other bead shapes such as ovals, tubes and even use the 1 little press I have.

But what I really want to do? There are so many things to try.

Glass Flowers by Jopanda I absolutely adore these beads. While this is an advanced skill, I know most of the technical aspects of creating beads like this but knowing and doing are completely different. Beads like this take a LOT of skill, and it might be years before I can possibly recreate anything like this.

Seahorse beads Kimberly creates some fantastic beads. In fact, my Ocean Shores Necklace, features one of her signature focal beads. While I don’t want to make Seahorse beads, I do love how she uses color.

I’m also very impressed with Magma Beads. The way the dichoric peeks out from beneath layers is very ghostly at times.

So what do I want to make?  What ever my heart desires. 😉


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