Weekend update April 26

It’s been a crazy week. Wed and Thurs I was in St. Louis for a work conference. I really felt like a country bumpkin and was SO glad I wasn’t driving.

writersSince I finished Fear Bound I started working on another short story for Crossed Genres.  This month’s theme is “Touch” and I had a vignette I started last year for one of the Show Me Your Lits contests. I’m expanding it and hope to have it finished either today or tomorrow. (and hey I even have a sort of outline for this story)

I had to do some research for this story which included:

Reasons for muteness
and raised garden beds. (well that was for another project)

It makes me wonder how many authors are on a Watch List–my search history is kind of scary if you think about it. lol

Most of my posts this week have been about getting my lampworking studio set up.

What kind of beads do I want to make?

What is Lampworking?

Plan of Action

And it looks like things are coming together. A friend of mine has contacts and has an oxycon that I’ll be able to pick up next month at the Missouri Bead Retreat (MBR). That just leaves hoses and some safety equipment left. *I’ve been doing the happy dance all week when I heard the news!

So by next month, I WILL BE PLAYING WITH FIRE!

I’m off to work on my story, clean house and work with some seed beads.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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