Weekend update: May 6

I usually do my updates over the weekend, however I’ve ended up with a bug and spent most of yesterday cuddled on the couch with the furballs. Not sure what this is, but the sore throat and chills are awful.  I’m at work today but I’m dead tired and if I were home, I’d just go back to bed.

But I did put a few posts online last week

First of all was May Goals

Followed by Why It’s Easier to Talk About Beading Instead of Writing

Then How Gaming Can Help with Writing  It’s TRUE! Sometimes lol.

This week, I’ll be doing a bit of Promotion 101 on blogs for some of my beady friends and other posts about…well, not sure yet.

I finished a rewrite of a short story. Original was just over 900 words but final draft was over 3,000.  AND I submitted it!

I also put together a necklace and got it sent off to a friend. Hopefully it will get there today.

I have a flash piece to write sometime today (Probably over lunch) for the Shock Totem flash contest and must submit that today also as Tomorrow will be crazy busy.

and from there I don’t know.


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