Promotion 101: Blogs for beaders

There was a discussion on one of my FaceBook groups on the necessity of having a separate blog site if they already used Etsy or ArtFire. There were a variety of answers but I do feel that all artists (and writers as well) should have a blog.

Selling “You”

For one, places like Etsy or ArtFire only give a brief glimpse into the life of an artist.  Your about me page on many selling sites is a small promotional introduction designed to create a temporary interest, but as we all know, we are so much more than that. We aren’t a mysterious group who magically creates things out of thin air.  So many people are surprised that *gasp* we are pretty normal with day jobs, kids and a real life. But you can’t put all of that on your about me page.

Blogs give you the opportunity to not only sell your stuff but sell YOU.  In the modern online markeplace, consumers are looking for not only something unique but also someone they can connect to.  If they like your work and like the person you present to the world, not only will they remember to come back, but they will help draw people to you.

How you like it

Secondly, on Etsy and other selling sites, you don’t have control over some parts of your site. If someone makes a complaint, there is the risk that everything on your storefront could be banned. But if you have a blog you can set up a temporary store until you can either get things straightened up or set up somewhere else. It’s a bit complicated, however, it is better than lost income.

Blogs also give you the opportunity to personalize  your page.  I know Etsy has a standard layout that you can’t change. I don’t know about other sites, but most blogs will let you change layouts, customize colors and provide little extra  widgets for your FB, Twitter, and most liked posts.

Traffic Control

Have you ever gone to a blog that discussed a particular necklace or style of earrings but didn’t post a link to the fabulous creations?  Kind of frustrating isn’t it?

Well blogs are a great place to direct traffic to your selling sites and to other beaders or suppliers. Most blogs will allow widgets or buttons to directly link to your storefront. This way, you aren’t always having to directly link your page to your posts, unless you want to.

Shout Outs and other fun things

Blogs aren’t just about promoting you, but anything you have an interest in.  Say, you volunteer at your church or school and they have a special even coming up, POST IT!  You never know when one of your readers will be in the area and want to stop by!

Blog hops are groups of people who put together themed blogs at a particular time and then link them all together. I’ve seen some crazy ones that have you going on a treasure hunt, showcasing bead soup designs, and giveaways. The best thing about blog hops are you are introduced to new people and new things.

Shout Outs are just that.  A shout out to someone who you admire or has done something great. It’s kind of like an online high five that keeps going and going!  lol

But most of all, blogs can be fun.  You don’t have to post every day or even every week. You meet all sorts of new people and can share some interesting ideas. Yea, there might be some trolls but for the most part most of the people who comment are quite nice. You get a laugh out of the spam most of the time. Either that or scratch your head before hitting delete.

So go ahead and give it a try, it takes a while to build up an audience, but in the long run, it’s a good thing.



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