Vacation.  It’s a wonderful word. Especially when you spend it with great people.

I spent the weekend (Friday through Monday) at the Alhanna Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks for the Missouri Bead Retreat (MBR). I had a great time, learned quite a bit, made a few beads and met some amazing people.

I’ve been able to stop by the MBR for an afternoon since it is piratically in my back yard.  The first year I got to stay overnight during the festivities and since then I’d only gotten to peek in for an afternoon.

Well, after taking B for a day last year, he decided we were going for the full four days. We saved all year, sent in our deposit, and packed the car on Friday morning. An hour later we pulled into the resort, got our keys, unpacked the car and went to the main condo where the rest of the group would be staying.

We both helped a few people unpack vehicles and trailers and started to help out with setting up torches. Bryan had an extra set of hoses so we could set up my torch (YEA!). Once the rush was over, B and I ran to Wally World for some eats and to buy some camp chairs.

I found out that I’ve got a LOT to relearn on the torch.  I remember making nice little round beads on the Hot Head pretty easily, but with the hotter torch, I’m going to have to relearn all of what I thought I knew. The three beads that I made were as wonkie as hell, and no, no one is going to see them. (In fact, I think 2 went into the bead poker pile lol )

Most of the weekend was spent learning and listening.  B had all sorts of questions on oxycons and a home fill set up. I learned how to make a wrapped wire ring. My torch was used pretty regularly and B even sat down in front of it to make a marble!  😀

I want to thank Karla Lester Repperger at Stuidio Solana and Melissa Villadiego at Villa Design  for putting this together every year.   You ladies do an awesome job.

I’d also like to thank all of our sponsors:

Bullseye Glass

CC Art Glass

CG Bead Rollers

Double Helix Glassworks

Creation is Messy

Glass Diversions

Glass Taffy

Graceful Customs

Karen Leonardo Lampwork

Moretti and More

Olympic Color Rods

Foster Fire

Soda Lime Times


Val Cox



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