Beading book… by ME!

Last year when B and I visited the Missouri Bead Retreat for the day I took along my beadwork. There were ooohs and aaaahs and one of the ladies (T) asked me when I was going to make my own beadworking book.

Well I said I’d do one sometime, because it really is a good idea. But with all of the other beadworking books out there I’ve had to think carefully about what I’d like to do a book on.

This past weekend I was reminded about my promise.

Well yesterday morning I was talking to Ryssie about it and wondered if a mix and match book would be appropriate. It would contain several different base stitches such as daisy chains, St. Petersburg chain, Right Angle Weave (RAW) and other easy stitches that I commonly use for bases.  The next portion of the book would be on different fringe techniques. The last portion would be examples of how combining basic stitches and different fringe would look.

Ryssie thought it would be a good idea except for one thing. “Yes, but I would still include an example of at least one sample do. A to get b, along with the instructions to mess with it and have fun”

So I had to do some rethinking. I needed a project to go with all of these stitches. Think girl think…

Then it came to me, the perfect project.

13SBNFreeformFinish2A few months ago I posted a 3 part series on a freeform necklace I created. Part 1 involved getting the center piece done; Part 2 followed me as I created the necklace sides; Part 3 brought on the cowbell with embellishments.

It was a really fun project and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

As my head spun, I wondered if I could do a book on something similar.  A bracelet this time, that combined stitches, different sizes of seed beads and focal beads.

So here very soon I’m going to start planning this out, making an outline and working with some patterns. It might be a bit complicated but I really think people would enjoy a book on different freeform techniques.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how this works out.

Thanks for reading


2 responses to “Beading book… by ME!

  1. Owning quite a few beading books and lookng at lots more, the one thing they seem to have in common is doing pretty much the same stitch throughout. There are some who combine a couple of them but none with the fantastic end product that I see from you. I say YES to the book.


    • Whoo Hoo! 😀

      There will be instructions on 3 different beading techniques and some edging ideas, but each will be a complete project on its own.

      I think I’ve figured out what stitches to do on the first book. Now I’ve got to play just a bit with the construction and take lots of photos. The most time consuming part will be the illustrations as they will be done from scratch.

      But I really can’t wait to start on this! 😀


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