Weekly Review May 12-26

I had a vacation last week so there was no review on my writing, beading or anything else last week. (Sticks out tongue)  I had a great time, got to relax and recharge.

Fist up- blog posts for the past two weeks

Promotion 101- Blogs for Beaders – discusses why blogs are important for artists of all kinds

In Need of a Wiki- world building delimas – Why I’ve decided I need to build a wiki for my series

VACATION!  –  This should speak for itself

Playing with Fire

and lastly Beading Book by ME! – I’m excited about this!



I’ve not got a lot of writing done the past few weeks.  Mostly lots of hand written notes on the Shatterd Soul series. Since I was quickly filling up a notebook, it brought me to the decision that I’m going to need a wiki to be able to easily track and find information. Yes I know, perhaps world building overload but I do think it is necessary not only to keep things straight but to lay a firm foundation on some various situations.

I have started the rewrite on Where There is Water.  Currently, the novella stands at just over 15,000 words, but it’s a mess. The scenes jump around with very little fluidity. I think I’ve found a way to not only connect them but give more insight into the MC.  It will probably increase the word count by about 5-10K but that will probably be a good thing.


Currently reading Iron Druid by Kevin Hearne- about half way through. For me it’s okay but not what I typically really enjoy. It is more plot driven than character driven. But still good.

Also beta reading for a friend.  Hope to have it completed and commented on by this weekend.

Slush for Crossed Genres is going well.  Keep those submissions coming!  This month’s theme is DEADLINE!


I’ve got a lovely little necklace going. It’s in iris transparent greys and black.  So do you want just a little peek?  heh, thought so. 😉






So how has your weeks been going?  Anything you want to share?


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