Colors – which ones are my favorites?

My friend Filigree on the Writer’s Water Cooler posted a blog the other day on her favorite colors. It got me to thinking about some of my own favorites and what they make me think about.

Greys-blacks- whites

ShadowWeaveMay20 I like to design a lot with greys, whites and blacks.  These colors lend a mystique and classy tone to a lot of simple designs.

The color schemes reminds me that nothing is as simple as it seems.  Even the simplest of designs takes practice to execute.



Golds and Browns

13SBNFreeformFinish2 Golds and browns remind me of Autumn, one of my favorite times of the year.  The grasses turn golden, the leaves change and there’s this feeling of waiting for winter.  But it’s a happy time, at least for me.

Golds and browns are rich colors in my head. They signify wealth and prosperity.  They are the bags of wheat stored in the mill or ready for market.

I commonly use golds as accents, not wanting to overwhelm a piece with the color.  However, there are exceptions (see right).



ocean shores

available in my etsy store

Greens are spring colors. Life colors. Colors that prove that the sun comes up every day. Colors that prove that everything keeps going, even if you don’t want to.

This is another color I don’t use enough. There’s action and life in a piece that utilizes greens. As such, I tend to use greens in a more organic and  flowing styles.




Loomwork for Native American Dance Regalia. 2006

Of all the colors, blues are my favorites. They can be calming. They can be cold. They can signify the sky in both the day and night.

Like greens, they are life colors, but I don’t use them sparingly. Many of my works contain blues and I have boxes of various hues at home.


Reds – oranges – yellows


Loom worked dragon wall art. 11 seed beads. Dragon drawn my me 😀

Of all the colors, these are the ones I use the least, although I think about them the most.  I love watching fire, how the colors run into each other and disappear.

These are demanding colors.  They get attention. For me, designing with these colors in mind means I have to step forward; be more. And that’s what I’m starting to do.



So what colors do you use most often and why?


2 responses to “Colors – which ones are my favorites?

  1. Yet there’s reason to believe that human reactions to particular colors are biologically determined, as well. According to Read, the color red makes people’s blood pressure rise and can create anxiety. “If people want children to act in a calmer way, they should go with blue or another cooler color,” she advises. Even little girls’ love affair with the color pink—forever the object of much hand-wringing by parents uneasy with the message it sends—may be innate. “Pink is a color that makes us hungry. It’s also a color that boys like until they’re told not to like it,” says Read, who notes just one case in which gender differences in color preference might be nature not nurture: Some researchers suggest that boys tend to prefer yellow-based reds (think: tomatoes), while girls prefer blue-based reds (think: rubies). Both boys and girls tend to dislike orange. This, however, would come as news to my friend Nora’s son, a first-grader who keeps a running list of his top five colors. His current No. 1? Orange, followed by green, gold, silver, and red.


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