WOW and I mean WOW O.o

In lots of ways, I’m a visual artist. I love looking at other people’s creations. I’ve got a Pinterest board that shows lots of other people’s work. Some are simple, others complex, but all of them are lovely.

Yesterday I stumbled across a FB group called Battle of the Beadsmith (BOTB). Let me tell you, I am FLOORED at the projects that have been displayed so far.



192 Artists, 40 Countries. A Celebration of Bead Artistry around the World

The Beadsmith, wholesale supplier of beads and products to 4,000 independent bead shops worldwide, has once again issued a call to arms, inviting 192 bead artists to participate in the second “Battle Of The Beadsmith”.

The Battle, or as some call it “the contest where you win nothing” affords participating artists Eight weeks, from April 1st, to create a single piece of original beadwork. Each piece is randomly paired with the work of another artist in one of three “64 member Battle Groups”. Works are judged by a combination competing artists, invited judges, and the general public to determine which artists will move on to the next “battle”, where the judging process begins again.

Now not every piece has been shown yet and apparently there are some stragglers, but everything I’ve seen so far is wonderful.  It isn’t only necklaces, but broaches, bracelets, and other forms of wearable art.
By comparison, some of my pieces seem very bland. But you know what? I’m going to take that as a challenge. Many of these pieces have already inspired me to do something different, to push those creative boundaries just a few steps further. I want to have my pieces displayed in contests like this some day.
Go check them out on FB  or on their blog.
While you’re at it, check out my beadwork on Etsy  and on my FB page.
I look forward to seeing all of the creations for this contest and maybe, I’ll be in it next year!

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