Things to Squee about.

It seems one of my items on Etsy was listed in a Treasury yesterday!

Beautiful Beadwork

The black bib necklace was listed in one last week.

Something For Everyone

ShadowWeaveMay20I’ve been steadily working on the grey necklace and thinking of a name.  Storm Queen seems to keep coming to mind. I’ll have to steal back my camera from Z as he has been using it in his summer school class.


Also on the geek front, I found out that PBS has a podcast of the NOVA series. I used to watch it faithfully as  a kid on Sundays. Some things were way above my head, but I loved the episodes on the solar system, dinosaurs and animals.  I’ll have to start listening to it at work. 😀


Anyone else have things to squee  about?


2 responses to “Things to Squee about.

  1. Well, World War Z is almost here…
    Beading I’d not really my thing but I gotta say that piece is really interesting. It seems like it should have a legend about it.


    • Good idea. I think I will compose a story about it. About each of my pieces that I put up on Etsy.



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