I’ve needed some push with my writing for a bit so I’ve decided to enroll in the 2013 Clarion Write-A-Thon what this means is by Sunday I have to decide on what I’m going to write/edit, my expected word count and where (if applicable) I’ll submit my story (stories).

Unlike NaNoWrMo (National Novel Writing Month) the Write-a-thon is pretty flexible.  I could edit a novel or novella. Write an novel or novella. Or write several short stories (at least partially a given since July is the next Shock Totem flash contest). The ultimate goal is to write. The side goal is to raise money for Clarion West. I doubt I’ll ever go to something like this, but I’d love for anyone who can, give just a little to help other writers go to this great workshop.**

Secondly, I’m going to participate in a summer writing class. Brandon Sanderson is doing a 3 month class to assist with his master’s degree. It’s too good to pass up.  I’ll be expected to write, read, critique and improve. So if you want come join me!

ocean shoresBenjamin, one of my readers, made a suggestion that I really like. Why not make up a story to go with each piece? It’s a brilliant idea. So I’m going to start with Storm Queen–once I finish it–and post the story when I put it up on Etsy. I’ll work backwards from there for each piece so that my beaded pieces each have a story.

And don’t fret!  I’m still making decisions on the Beading Book. Another writer pointed out that the best instruction books have a story line to go with them. It’s a very good point and one that I plan on implementing. I just need to decide what kind of story will fit.  I’ve pretty much firmed up what patterns I’ll be illustrating I just need to make some examples, start photographing and make illustrations. (Well after I retrieve my camera from my kid.  lol)



I’ve decided what I’ll be working on during the Write-a-thon.

Of course the flash fiction contest for Shock Totem beginning July 1

a 2,000 to 5,000 word short possible market War Stories (just outlined and can work on it for the summer writing class)

Edits and rewrites for Where there is Water. I’m going to include a harsher horror slant to this story and increase the word count by at least 5,000 words.  Possible markets not sure yet.

Total word count will be 25-35,000 words in about 6 weeks.

Not counting dev content work, slush reading and other editing work.



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