Weekend update June 22

updateYea, yea, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done and update. I’ve had a few crazy weekends that’s including some camping and fishing outings. Yea for being outside! And yes I did catch a few fish–some small ones. ūüėČ

I’ve also battled a horrid case of poison ivy on the top of my right foot. I’m one of those lucky people who’s highly allergic, so I don’t just get it in a small area. My foot swelled up so I couldn’t wear normal shoes (thank goodness I have a set of those ballet type slippers). It’s healing now, scabs have come off but the skin is dry and peeling.

Not written much the last few week, a few hundred here and there on Where there is Water. I’m about 2,000 or so in on the rewrite.

Still working on that grey necklace. ¬†Hopefully I can finish it this weekend. Still haven’t decided what to do with the clasp.

Lots of blogs written. I have been good about that at least.

WoW and I mean Wow! ¬†was a post on the Battle of the Beadsmiths. There’s people who say I’m good, but compared to these artists, I’m an amateur. ¬†Go take a look!

I made an update on my Crowdfunding update. Urg… need to make up certificates so one day I’ll get them up on my Etsy store.

I posted on What, for me, Makes a Good Book.

I’m still waiting on a response for a submission, and the query.

Had a bit of fun what Who Do You Write Like.

Squee worthy events of this week.

Some Announcements that include me participating in Clarion West Write-aThon and a summer writing workshop.

And lastly, an idea for a short story that pretty much crystallized when I read a phrase in an article.


So that’s it for updates over the past couple of weeks. ¬†Hope you enjoy. ¬†Thanks for reading





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