What happens in July?

I’m really not great with getting things done with my writing and my beading of late. There’s been quite a bit of distractions  including: B got us both Guild Wars so we can play together, J is playing baseball again this summer (so far only one loss WOOT!), fishing and camping trips (I loves fresh caught fish!) and some other things.

But I have been working on things  I promise!

ShadowWeaveMay20Storm Queen, the grey necklace is going well.  I’ve nearly finished the bottom fringe.  There will be a bit of fringe at the top I think, and then I’ll have to decide on a clasp. (Still deciding on a handmade one or a premade clasp.)

I am writing!  Yesterday I pushed and prodded until I got 500 words on “When Good Men Stand Silent”. Today I hope to get at least 1000 and some momentum going. I had some research to do and some planning before I started work on this story. The good thing is, it’s pretty much drafted–as to the events and back story which you aren’t going to see much of–I know why the character feels the way he does and what prompts him to take the actions he does. I just had a lot of trouble getting things set up. Hopefully I’ll have a full draft by next week.  Since the anthology I would like to submit it too isn’t open yet, I have time to edit and polish later.

The Shock Totem Bi-Monthly Flash Fiction challenge is under way.  Great prompt.  I missed the May challenge (too many work things and I was sick) so looking to make this one a good story.  Deadline is Sunday.  Yes I have ideas just nothing that has sparked a firm story yet.

After those two, I’ll be working on “Where there is Water” again. I’m happy with what is going on, but I’m taking it slow until it builds up steam.  Once it does I know I’ll be cranking out about 2K a day on the complete rewrite. Hopefully this strengthens the story quite a bit.

These are the things I’m working on for the Clarion West Write-a-thon.  I’m hoping that I’ll get in about 30,000 words total in the next few weeks.  Yes it is quite a goal, but I’ve done this before. It isn’t nearly as torturous as NaNoWrMo (50,000 in 30 days) but it’s a push in the right direction.

I need to log into the Summer writing class and do homework there too. (so might have to add in another 10,000 to my writing for the summer)

And in between, I’m drafting  the beading book and thinking about other beading designs I’d like to try.

So I guess I’m going to be busy this summer.   How about you?



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