Weekly Update July 20


Time for my semi-weekly update.


I’ve done quite well this week. So far I’ve written just over 9,000 words on Tiger Eye.  I’ve got 2 segments of it up for the Brandon Sanderson summer writing course. Contact me if you are participating and would like to critique. Sometime today I’ll put in another 1K and make my goal of 10K for the week.  I’m probably going to slow down a bit this next week as I’m catching up quickly from when I was behind. Word count for next week should be around 5-8K hopefully.

Daily totals as follows:

Mon   2047

Tues   3059

Wed      857

Thurs  2112

Fri       1068

Sat ??? got distracted 🙂

Sun  999


I’ve read 25 stories so for for Crossed Genres‘ “Favor” Issue.  They range from 2-5 K, so I’ve probably read about 100,000 words this week in slush alone.  If you’ve got a Favor story, send it in.  We’d especially like to see more stories with characters with disabilities, suspense, humor, and romance! Let me see those stories!


I’ve not been reading as much lately. With all the slush I read last month and some of the other things I’ve been doing, I’ve not had a lot of time except for short stories. Right now I’m re-reading some of Dagan Books titles (Fish, In Situ, Cthulhurotica, V. 1) so that I can do some reviews.  Carrie’s had a few ups and downs lately and needs all of the extra help she can get.


The piece I have been calling “Storm Queen,” is nearly finished.  I sometimes forget how long branched fringe can take. I’ve got about 2 inches more on the lower fringe side.  Still considering a little bit of fringe on the top.  Don’t quite know yet.  Will see. After that I hope to start on the beta pieces for the Freeform Bracelet Book.

Oh and I got some absolutely LOVELY beads from PRECIOSA ORNELA beads. They have a Beads for Blogposts program where they send beaders from all over the world an assortment of beads.  I got a lovely box of goodies a few weeks ago, unfortunately my camera is on the frits. I’ll have a replacement soon and photos.


I’ve been blogging more regularly. Usually it’s about 2 times a week.  Sometimes more. Since my last update I’ve written about:

Story Building- Character then Plot?

What Happens in July?

The Slush Pile

The Art of Discovery

Don’t think so hard!

Tiger Eye- a good start

Almost Magic

No Magic Formula

So how about you?


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