Well there was some rain in my area,

There’s an old adage around here that states: “If you don’t like the weather, hold your breath it will change.”

This time last year, in Missouri and other states we were faced with a drought.  We hadn’t gotten our usual spring rains and the temperatures soared.  Where I live is mostly agricultural, so when it doesn’t rain, people worry. They worry about crops, livestock, and how to feed their animals over the winter.  Hay was scarce, as most farmers only got 2 cuttings off of fields they normally got 3 to 4.

This year, has been different.

Missouri had snow right up until May this year. (Very unusual, it’s only happened a few recorded times.) The weather has been somewhat cooler than normal. But most importantly, we’ve had rain.

In June we had nearly 4 inches

In July we had over 4 inches

and so far in August, well we are quickly approaching 20 inches.

To give you some perspective, June averages just over an inch of rain, and it isn’t unusual to only get 1/2 an inch of rain in July.  August, is another month where it’s typically dry and the 1 inch average usually come at the end of the month.

But to have 20 inches in only a few days is highly unusual.

Rain started to fall at the end of July and except for 1 day, it’s been falling ever since.

I’m not talking about the type of rain that falls gently over a few days. I’m talking about strong thunderstorms that drop a few inches of rain in a localized area in an hour or less.

The dangerous types of rains that cause streams and local rivers to rise up and sweep everything away with very little warning.

One of the nearby towns, Waynesville was hit hard on Tuesday. An early morning thunderstorm dropped 5-6 inches in an hour causing a few creeks to rise suddenly. A young mother and child died.  Several homes and businesses had to be evacuated. Roads were under water and some sections simply washed out.

Our normally quiet Roubidoux roared.


The Gasconade swelled.


and much of downtown Waynesville was swallowed by water.


And we still have rain.  Though not as heavy as it was, there’s still a few days of this system left.

I and my family are fine. We were never in any danger. However, there’s so many people out there who have lost everything.  As the water recedes we will know how much damage was done and how long the recovery will take.

The Good Samaritan Resource center is accepting donations for flood relief.  You can also donate to the Red Cross.


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