The ball keeps rolling…

So despite the flooding, dayjob, and various other things going on I have been productive creatively.

I finished Storm Queen, and once I have a short story to go with it I’ll put it up on Etsy.





I have started on the prototype for the beading book. So far, I’ve got the base of the bracelet finished. I’m working slowly so I can determine what the best way to create these will be. I’m focusing on 3 different beading stitches that will be combined into 1 freeform piece. It’s not as easy as you might at first think.  There’s several ways these pieces can go, including the wrong way. 🙂  But practice makes perfect so that’s why I’m doing some prototypes first.

I’m writing nearly every day on Tiger Eye now.  My word count it up to 27K, so I’m about 1/4 the way through. I’m really doing well with just loosely outlining each chapter as I come to them instead of trying to discover where the story is going as I write. I’m adding about 1,000 words a day M-F and taking weekends off.

I didn’t quite meet my goal for the Clarion Write-a-thon but I was close. My goal was 30K but I’ll count 25K as close enough.

Good thing I’m not doing a NaNo right now as I’ve still got the Brandon Sanderson class and another with Carrie Cuinn.   I’m a bit behind on the larger class but that won’t take long to catch up with. The class with Carrie is how to write flash fiction. We’ve got everything from 140 character (Twitter flash) to 6 sentence stories.  Great group!

Crossed Genres is keeping me busy with slush. This month’s the one for Young Adult so we are trying to keep the que as manageable as possible.  As the month progresses I’m sure we will get swamped. I’m still reading about 5 a day (M-F).  If you’ve got something that fits  send it on down!

B and I cleaned out most of the garage this past weekend. This was a had to instead of a want to project. With all of the rain last week, the culvert at the driveway backed up and the water had to go somewhere. A few inches of it found its way into the garage–all the way to the back wall. 😦  We had some carpet stored in there (with padding) along with several boxes of outgrown clothes and junk the boys didn’t want anymore. Three small pick up loads of stuff found their way to the dumpster.  On the other hand, this means oldest and I can move the rest of the stuff ourselves so I can get my workbench ready for the torch!  WOOT!

So perhaps I’ll be adding more madness to my world!  Yes fire! and glass!


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