Beads for Blogposts!

Okay I finally have a decent photo of these wonderful lovely beads from Preciosa-Ornela.  A while back I signed up for the Beads for Blogposts campaign and was contacted that I would be one of the lucky people to receive a box of goodies! Unfortunately, I had issues with my camera and then flooding and got just a wee bit busy, so I hadn’t taken a photo of the lovely little pieces of glass I received.

Well, today I had to take photos of other bead-related things so I pulled out the box–yes I was good and hadn’t opened up or used anything yet–and arranged all of the goodies.

Beads4BlogpostsI received a box of traditional style beads from size 11 to 8 in blues, ambers and eggshell.  The bags of Twin Beads, again range in colors of sky to earthy colors.  Bugle beads in a bright gold contrasts wonderfully with the dark blue Farfalle beads.  There was even a wonderful mix of size 11 beads in a cool ocean hues (mainly light blues, lavenders, and greens with a few bits of yellow and frosted silver tossed in).  The large assortment of pressed glass beads complemented the assortment with its sandy hues. There was even a small bag of Drops, in a warm butterscotch color. And just for kicks, they included 2 bracelets made with Farfalle beads in bright neon colors.

Along with all the beads there were more goodies: a sketchbook, a beaded key fob, magnet, flash drive (with an assortment of patterns on it), a wonderful pen that has beads floating in it, a pencil with a cute beaded top, a lariat, and folder containing several brochures with patterns.

I’ve absolutely thrilled to receive this package. Little do they know these are some of my favorite colors to combine!  I can’t wait to start playing with them!


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