Word Wars

If you’ve read my blog you will quickly discover I’m a writer.  It’s one of my favorite pastimes and I spend quite a bit of time working on my writing.  But it isn’t always easy.

To those who haven’t tried, putting a story together–especially a long story such as a novel–is difficult. Not only do you have the characters, you have to worry about the plot, scenes, and how to tie it all together. It’s a difficult juggling act even for the most experienced. There are days when the words just do not flow and you sit there looking at a blinking cursor.

That’s when you have to get creative and break out of the normal writing mold.

I’m trying some new things on this novel. Loose outling is working well, along with keeping a simple daily word count goal. I haven’t hit the hate phase yet though I know it’s on the horizon.

But what keep me going is word wars.

I’m competitive in some ways. I don’t play facebook games anymore because I’m a bit obsessive about them. Some little piece of me has to beat everyone else and I find I spend way too much time doing games when I should be doing something else.  Word wars is a perfect way to satisfy that competitive side and get words on the page.

So what is it?

Word wars is fairly simple. You open up your document, find a few other writers, and challenge them to write as much as they can in 20 minutes. You don’t edit. You don’t back space. You simply  turn off that inner-editor and let the muse take hold of your fingers.

Is it easy?

Not at first. Most people find it difficult to simply let the words flow, but after a while, they get better.  I can currently do about 500 words in that time though some days I get distracted and do less.  Some writers I know can do up to 1000 words in a short 20 minutes. Maybe one of these days I can work up to that amount.

I’m trying to get 2-4 word wars a day so that my daily word count is satisfied.  I love seeing that word count on the bottom of the page creep slowly up.

So how about you?  do you Word War?


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