Happy Birthday Blog!

cakeWell I logged in today not knowing what I was going to write about today but WordPress informed me that today was my 4 year blog birthday!  YEA!  *throws confetti

*looks at my visitors who are staring at me and secretly making circles around their ears.

Ummm… sure why not. Why not be a little crazy and have some fun because well, its a birthday right?

So after some cake, music and laughter we get to the nitty gritty stuff.

But I have something to celebrate. Not only did I hit 100 pages on my word document this week I also just hit 40,000 words!  I can pretty much call this manuscript almost half way there. I’m to the point in the story where there’s more than one plot going and they are starting to connect in one way or another. It’s messy (kinda like a 1 year old eating his first cake) but I’ve got progress.

Word Wars are what’s getting me there.  Thanks to those who are warring with me!

Oh, and another thing.  My blog reached 500 viewers too this week!





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