50,000 words and excited!

I have to say Tiger Eye is going great. Right now, I’m really knocking the word counts out of the park and things are going smoothly.  My average word  count is just over 2K and I’m averaging a scene or so a day or two (roughly 1/2 a chapter).

Earlier today I hit 50K and I threw virtual confetti around the room.

I am now within about 4 weeks of having this story finished.  So that means by November I’ll be able to go back to the first book of the series (Dragon masque) and start on the rewrites and editing.


Yea. That’s what I said.

There’s nearly 5 years of real time separating the writing of these stories and frankly, there’s a lot of things I’d like to add and improve on.  For one, the MC was a pushover in the first book. I’m giving her more of a spine, even though she’s kind of screwed up.  This will match the tougher character in the second book.

Also both books are currently written in 3rd POV (Point of view). Now while this is fine for the most part, I’m considering rewriting it all in 1st.  *cringes* I have my reasons!  But that also means dropping some scenes in the first book  that are from another character’s perspective.  Since I’m not sure about it yet, I’m continuing to write Tiger Eye in 3rd until I make my decision–and that’s probably going to require me actually writing part of this in 1st then comparing how things feel.

But that is in the future.  For now, I’m continuing on the writing, including working on a short story. Reading slush. I’ve got 2 submissions out now and I’ll probably send out a couple more out later this month.

all in all it’s good to be writing.


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