September Update and where will I go from here?

It’s been a while since I did a formal update.  The kids have started back to school and I’m starting to come back into the crazy phase of billing for the year at the dayjob. But no matter, I have been working steadily on several things–especially writing.


I’m just over 60,000 words into Tiger Eye. Final word count should be between 70,000 to 80,000 words. Yes I’m aware that isn’t 100-120K that most fantasy novels hit, but this is draft 0 and I’ll have stuff to edit, revise and fill in. I’m hoping the final will be close to 95,000 but that’s quite a ways from where I stand now.

In the story, things are winding up, a few characters have died or been knocked completely out of the game, and the bad guy is still on the loose. I’ll sit down at lunch and plot out what could happen in the next chapter. I think I’m on 14 now though the scenes will be broken up as I revise.

Oh and I’m probably going to rewrite these in 1st person.  This hit me over the top of the head the other night.

“You answer some phone calls because you can; others because you should; some you never answer, but there are those calls you drag your sorry ass out of what ever hole you’ve dug yourself into because the person on the other line doesn’t have a choice, and you know it.”

This sets up book 1, Dragon Mask, about as perfectly as I can get it. Bigest problem is, it’s going to be a near complete rewrite. Hopefully I can get most of that done in November during NaNo.


Currently I have 2 short stories out. “The Coin Whisperer” is at Abyss and Apex.  “Ordinary Hero” is over at Lakeside Circus.  Not sure when I’ll hear about either of them. Abyss and Apex is open for only a week per quarter. Lakeside is a new market with quite a bit of promise.


I’m still reading at Crossed Genres; about 5 stories a day. A couple of months ago I read over 90 stories in one month. This one hasn’t been too bad but I’m sure the inbox will be full when I check it tomorrow.  If you’ve got a Second Contact story, send it over!

I’m also reading for Goldfish Grimm. They had a few editorial changes and needed some new readers. Since I’m good friends with one of the new readers, she asked if I’d help them catch up. If you’re waiting to hear from them don’t worry, things should be back to normal soon.

Oh and big reminder.  PLEASE for the sake of the slush readers everywhere, read the fracking guidelines when submitting a story!


I’ve been having fun with some wrapped daisy chains. They are simple, don’t take too much time and fun to make. Hopefully I’ll get out to the bead store to get some on display this weekend.  Then get people interested in doing a class. I’d love to get back to teaching again. Great fun!

I’m still working on the Beading Book. I’ve got some handmade drawings of the projects. Now to just get thread and needle into some beads. I have one piece started but needs some more embellishments.

Oh and I won a beading loom last week. It’s lovely and I hope to use it this winter.


That should about wrap everything up.

If you’ve got questions, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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