First vs Third (Character Point of View)

I’m about 3/4 through writing Tiger Eye right now. I’m enjoying it still and haven’t really hit the hate phase I usually go through when I write a novel. I should have the Draft 0 complete in a few weeks, giving me enough time to take a look at Dragon Mask before I dive into rewrites and edits during Nano.

The only thing that concerns me is the point of view (POV) of the story.   I posted a while back about an idea I had to work into the plot arc of the first few books of the series.

My MC needs an assistant–a handler (and if you know some obscure definitions of this phrase cudos to you)–so I’m going to introduce him in a novella and in later books, he betrays her. However, I’m considering the possibility that this assistant is nothing more than a mental projection of a infection of a particular kind of nanocreature/bot/thingie.

At that point I was pretty sure this story would have to be told from a 3rd person point of view so that I could give the reader hints that something odd was going on but kept it a secret from the character.  It was possible to show other character viewpoints and opinions (or suspicions) this way as I did while writing the first book.

However, I think I may have found the MC’s voice.  Obviously it is 1st person and this short phrase gives (I think anyway) quite a bit of character in a very short phrase.

You answer some phone calls because you actually like speaking to the person on the other end; others you answer with a grimace and hope the conversation’s short; some you just hit the ignore button, but there are those calls you drag your sorry ass out of what ever hole you’ve dug yourself into because the person on the other line doesn’t have a choice, and you know it.

It might need a bit more tweaking but I think it’s a great line. Possibly a lead in to the story or part of the query.  I really like it. B called it very Dresdenesque.

But it calls for a huge change in how the story is written and how it unfolds. Book 2 isn’t going to be as much of a problem as book 1 is. Because of multiple viewpoints from various characters I’m going to have to redraft and pretty much rewrite the novel. Most of it can be salvaged I think, but there’s pieces that will have to be slaughtered.

I’m still on the fence about it. What I’ll probably do is write a chapter or two in 3rd and then the same chapters in 1st and see which one has the stronger voice.  Maybe put something up and have some of my beta readers decide.

Anyway, that’s a few weeks ahead. I still can’t believe I’ve only spent 11 weeks on this story and I’m nearly finished.





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