Well I’ve been proud of my progress on Tiger Eye up until now. I’m currently up to 70… *check the word count* 73,000 words. It’s not finished yet but again it is close. I’ve got one little problem.


Remember, in an earlier post I said I usually hit an I hate this story phase? Well I was surprised that after 40,000 and 50,000 words it didn’t hit me over the head. Oh no, it waited until I was nearly at the end of the thing to strike.

While it is frustrating, I do kind of know what is wrong.

First, I don’t have a clear path of where the story is going. I’m kind of looking at all the trees around me and not realizing I’m going deeper and deeper into the woods of a meandering plot line.  It’s not such a good thing.

Second, I’ve been thinking a lot about book 1 of the series, Dragon Masque. Changing the story from 3rd to 1st is going to be difficult but in the end I think it will produce a much stronger story.  So much of what happens later in the story line is about what the MC thinks and feels and I don’t know if I can portray that accurately in 3rd.

Third, holidays are coming up and I always get stressed.  I’ve been doing some extra freelance writing work so bills and presents aren’t going to be as much of a problem this year, but I still get stressed.  Top it off with this tiredness I’ve been feeling lately that’s probably attributed to shorter hours of daylight and less exercise.

I don’t want to be stuck, so how do I fix these things?

Well the first problem is fairly simple. I need to sit down and make some hard plans to get the story on track.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll have some time to work backwards from my ending to where I am now.

The second issue is just about as easy. Once book 2 is done, I can go back to book 1 and work on revisions.

The third issue I may not be able to do much about for now.  I need to go back to walking–make time to walk.  It’s just difficult with the shorter hours and my route isn’t the safest in the dark. Holiday will take care of themselves, they always do.

If I get things going, perhaps I can get the story rolling again and be finished shortly that way I can move on to editing.


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