My Birthday Post

Well this is a few days late, but with the internet issues I’ve been having at home and the crazy four day weekend, I guess I can excuse myself.

Saturday I turned 39.  It’s not such a big thing, a birthday. Just another day that you spend doing the things you do.  For me it was filled with family as we had our Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering at my grandmother’s.  Lots of food and fun with our White Elephant exchange.

Later that evening B and I went to see Thor 2. As I hate spoilers myself, I won’t post any.  All I’ll say is I don’t think it was the best Marvel movie but not the worst movie I’ve seen this year. I am wondering how the story moves the overall story arc Marvel has planned.

Looking back over this past year, it might not seem as though I’ve got a lot done but I’m happy with my progress.

My writing has improved and even I can see it.

When I look over what I wrote a year or even two ago, I can see vast improvements. I’ve nearly got another novel under my belt, and while it needs work, it’s a much stronger piece than my first two tries. There’s more depth to my plots and characters now. No more cardboard cut outs for me.  I’ve learned to outline a bit more so that the story moves forward more smoothly.

I haven’t been as proficient in writing as I would have liked, but I still think over 70K on a novel isn’t bad for a 6 month period. (I started writing it in June)  I did start and finish a few short stories, and even sold one to Lakeside Circus. However, I didn’t do as many as I planned.

On the other hand, I have started to write some freelance work. Ghostblogs, SEO content etc. Most of what I write is normal stuff such as informational and how-to so it’s not too time consuming. Also I get paid to do a bit of research. I’m enjoying it.

I’ve read over 600 short stories for the publications I slush read for. I’d say an average of 5,000 words each which would put me in the 3 million words read just for slush this year… wow… that’s quite a bit of reading even for me.

I have done some other readings. Yea real books, though they’ve been far and few between. Since I do read a LOT of slush (Read the above paragraph) and focus mainly on short stories I don’t always have the time I used to for novels. But I still love them.

I taught myself how to knit last year and have been working slowly on becoming proficient at this skill. I’ll have some nice hand warmers up on my pages later.  I still crochet and have some plans for some other pretty stuff later.

I’ve created some beauties with beads this year and like my writing, I’ve found new dimensions in using beads.  I’ve got some of my pretties in a few shops now, and trying to get some interest in teaching. So far no nibbles but I’ll keep trying.

So now, what do I want to do for next year?

First of all, I’m going to concentrate on getting Dragon Masque rewritten and edited. Now that I have most of book 2 drafted, I have a better idea of what is going on. Once that is done, I’ll be looking for some beta readers.

Second, edit and submit more short stories. I’ve got quite a few sitting in folders that need some polish and some that just need a home. So that means I’ll be sending more out soon.

Third, more pretties. I will have my studio set up this year so I can work on the torch. Then I’ll have lampwork to go with the seed bead creations. Also more fiber stuff.

Lastly, keep learning. There’s just so much that I can learn and want to learn.

thanks for reading


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