I need a bit of help

I really really hate asking anyone for help. To me it feels as though I’ve failed in some capacity, but there are times when you just have to realize you’ve done all you can and just ask.

While the blog is mostly about writing, I do have some other passions such as beads and lampwork. I’m a creative person and and I love making things. With words I create worlds and characters; with beads and a torch I create small pieces of art.

A few years ago I met a group of people who worked with fire and glass and they decided to find a place we could all get together. We ended up at Lake of the Ozarks at the lovely Alhonna Resort. They called it the Missouri Bead Retreat. While I’d gone a few years for an afternoon, last year was the first time I’d been able to stay the entire weekend. I can’t tell you wonderful it was to just be among creative people for a few days.

So jump to this year. Simply said I don’t have the money for the deposit for the room and I need some help with it.

I’ve started a GoFundMe page so that people I know can help me with the deposit. But since I feel absolutely guilty about asking for money, if you help me reach my goal, you get a chance to win a few prizes.

For those of you who donate $5, when I reach the half way mark of $100 I’ll hold a drawing for a hand crocheted shrug.

Next if I reach $150 I’ll do a drawing for a custom bracelet.

If I reach the $200 mark, I’ll do another drawing for a custom choker.

To be entered into the drawing is to notify me of your $5 donation at shadowflame1974 at gmail dot com but first go here to donate.

Thank you so very very much!


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