So what are these prizes?

So last week I asked for some help with getting a deposit together for what’s been my only vacation in years. I’d really like to thank those who have donated. It really means a lot. But there’s still a bit to go.

Once the funding hits $100 then I’ll do a drawing, again at the $150 mark and the final prize at the $200 mark.

Today I’m unveiling prize #1


This shrug was handmade by me. I used a very soft acrylic yarn that I can no longer find anymore. And while I did make it for myself, I’ve never worn it. The sleeves reach just above the elbow. The edges are a bit frilly.  It’s comfortable light and lovely.

Prize #2 is a custom woven bracelet. I will contact the winner and discuss what kind of piece they would like.

Some examples are:

Kuro1 BlueRipple SpringBraceletRipple

Prize #3 will also be a custom piece, a necklace this time.

Some examples are:

13SBNFreeformFinish2 13NSBRainbow-1


Thanks for taking a look and helping me out.




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