Happy Dance

I hope you will all forgive me if I’m excited–I may run on a bit here.

You see, last August I sent a story into a market. They only open for subs at certain times of the year, and it just so happened that this story was rejected yet again. The good thing was I had another personal R for this story. The bad thing was I was still trying to home it.

This story wasn’t my ordinary fantasy or science fiction story.  This one is something else. More literary with a speculative fiction leaning. The focus isn’t the magic, but about the people in it. I knew as I polished it, it would be difficult to place.

So while looking on Doutrope I noticed a particular market was open for the next few days. I read some of the free stuff on the site and discovered that my story fit this market much better than some of the other markets I had been trying to get into. So I read through the story again to make sure I didn’t want to make any changes, formatted the story according to the guidelines and sent it off.

Then I waited. I got a response in a few days saying that a first reader liked it and was passing it up to the editor.  Yes this is a good sign but this story had been shortlisted twice. Happily, I waited some more. And while I waited I wrote some more–mostly on my novel.

You see, you can’t just sit and wait. Some markets are great at getting back to you within a few days, weeks or even a month. But some markets are slow. They are up front about it (always research the market and read guidelines!) so you know when you submit you will have to wait.

After 90 days I glanced back at the market, reading the new material on there.  It was kind of a relief that I hadn’t received another rejection (as many go out from this market at about 90 days).

Then I waited some more.

150- still no response.

175 – no response.

180- no response. But this time I could send in a query.

In this case, a query is simply an email asking the publication of the status of the submission. You don’t want to sound too eager but you don’t want to sound desperate either.  Nervously, I asked the status and noted I’d be happy to wait if they were undecided.

Then I hit send. And waited.

See a theme here… There really is a LOT of waiting in publication.  Sometimes months even years.

In the mean time I had things to do such as minion duties for Apocalypse Ink Productions, more writing, some editing and of course DayJob stuff.

Then last night I got an answer.  A request for a rewrite. I’m pretty sure I squealed out loud with delight! I put some vague posts out on twitter and facebook and did a happy dance in the living room with the cats.  (they simply stared as I was bouncing around I think)

Once I settled down a bit, I started on the edits.  I’ll work on them through this weekend and we’ll see how things go from there.

Thanks for reading!


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