Busy Busy Busy

Sorry all,  things have been quite busy lately and I haven’t been updating as much as I should. But, I’ll try to do better.

So far this month I’ve written and finished a short story for a swap over at the Water Cooler.  It was fun to write something based on a prompt from another writer.  Mine was about 7,000+/- words and the recipient liked it. 🙂   I’ll come back to it and expand it at some point after I do some research on things like police procedures, medical examiners and such. I’ll be fun to work with at some point but not just yet.

If you didn’t know I’m the new minion over at Apocalypse Ink Productions. It’s been fun and a challenge to get things rolling again.  Still away to go but we will get there.  (Oh btw we have an open window for submission of 3 linked novellas if you’ve got something in the dark speculative fiction realm) So far I’ve done a few mini-interviews, reading and general minion work. There will be more to come. 😉

I picked up an editing job a few weeks ago.  This will be my first major developmental edit for a client. Kind of scary but exciting as well.  I’m looking forward to digging into the manuscript this week.

The next story I’ll be doing major work on is “Where There is Water.” Currently, this novella stands at about 15,000 words but I plan to expand it to about 20,000 or a bit more.  A few months ago an idea bounced around in my head and I decided to do a rewrite. There’s some holes in the story currently but I think this new idea will bring everything together.

so that’s just a bit of a review of what I’ve been up to these past few weeks.

oh yea  and I sold a story!  WOOT!



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