When a character speaks…

Last night, I heard a very clear, confident voice in my head. For most people, hearing a voice in your head would be pretty disturbing, but for a writer, it’s a matter of course.  You see, developing characters is one of the skills that is essential to writing a good story.  You might spend weeks or longer trying to write a story, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out, at least until the character has his say.

Well rounded, interesting characters is one of the most important part of a story, at least for me. I don’t feel a story is viable unless I find the right voice to tell the story from. I’ve got a lot of shorts that just aren’t quite there yet, and mostly it’s the all important character voice that I’m missing.

So last night I was getting snuggled into bed when the character started talking about the situation in the story. He’s male, an x-soldier, and opinionated. Until last night I only knew him from a distance, but now I know him a lot better. I’m not quite ready to work on his story yet, but he’s not quite done telling me everything.

I figure I’ll start on this one next week sometime.  I’ve got about 3K already in it, wondering how much I’m going to have to scrap. But no matter. It’s a story. I have a voice. I know where it’s going.



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