Pep Talk

I belong to several online groups.  Mostly forums but there’s a few private writing or beading related groups I hang out at on occasion.

This week in one of my writing groups, I had a few people bemoaning their lack of progress in writing lately.  So I got out the obligational whip and cracked it:

Okay everyone. I’m going to get on my soap box for just a moment. (don’t hate me until I’m done)

I KNOW how difficult it is sometimes to write. It’s so much easier to stare at the page for a little while and say “I can’t.” Or fart around on FB or play your favorite game for a while. Watching movies and spending time with friends are also fun activities that we are expected to enjoy.

But these things don’t put words on the page. They don’t allow us to be a conduit for our characters or explore worlds or go on adventures. They aren’t distractions, unless you really want to write.

But it has to be your choice. I, nor anyone else, can sit you down and make you write. It has to be your decision.  You are the only one who can write your stories. Until you release those stories out into the world, the only person who owns those stories are YOU.

I just got done reading Jay Lakes book on writing.I highly suggest this book to give other writers a glimpse on how a writer can change over the years. He’d given up watching TV and gaming (both things he loved) to be able to have time to write. And he has a goal for almost each day (sometimes almost impossible goals).  Through several rounds of chemo and radiation and everything that went along with his illnesses, he wrote.

It’s hard. You have to decide if going to a friends house is worth losing several hours of work time. Going to your kid’s ballgames means not meeting your goal for the day. Heck taking a break because your wrists hurt puts you further behind. And sometimes you never catch back up.
But again it is your choice.

I’ve spent a few years being stuck. There were reasons, but mostly it was my choice. I’m gaining some momentum. I’m happy with that. But I do regret losing years. Maybe I’d have a novel out by now or at least a few pro story sales. We don’t know.
But I’m choosing to write. It’s more of a focus now than it has been before.

And it doesnt matter what you put on the page, especially when you are stuck. Sometimes it’s not nice words to myself because I”m stuck. Sometimes it’s a different story. Tonight might be a summary and tomorrow might be a flash.

It doesn’t matter, just put some words on the page. Otherwise you will look back and regret it.

It’s a pep talk I’ve been giving myself for the past few months.

It helped a few people in the group. Hope it helps you.


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