I didn’t watch the Ocsars last night…

Of course I never do.  I’m not the sort that really cares who gets awards or wears fancy dresses.

Instead,  we did something different.

This weekend was the first night of our online D&D campaign run by a long time friend, Sean.  He had promised us a game last year but because of time constraints, his job, and other things it never happened. So when he asked last week if B and I would be interested, I said, “Of course.”

I’ve played a couple of times before, just random games before the kids had come into my life. But it wasn’t an ongoing thing so I never really learned the ebb and flow of the game. I do have a lovely set of dice somewhere in preparation of playing other RPGs but again those never really panned out.

I’m not exactly sure what edition we are playing, I think I heard 4e somewhere along the line. I of course chose a healer, Wildling to be exact.  Since we are using Seans’s online account, we had to go through and pick skills and other stuff that B, my oldest son and myself didn’t exactly understand. (Since this was a more spur of the moment game I didn’t have a lot of time for research.) Then we waited until all of the players were ready to play on Saturday night.

Things were a bit confusing at first.  Of the 5 of us (counting the DM) only 2 had played before so there was quite a bit of confusion on how to do all of this. Since we used an online format, the rolls were done via Roll20.net . That at least made things a bit easier after we typed in all of our skills and such. (Which I still have to go in and plug in B’s)

Things were going okay in our first encounter when one of our players disconnected. Unfortunately the weather caused some major issues with his internet so we decided to pause the game until the next day.

So last night rolled around and everyone was once again online. We defeated the five trolls then discovered the Omni Mage.  It took a bit but we did defeat him too.  We then moved on to the town and the inn where we called it a night.

It was fun, everyone laughed especially at Z, my oldest, who played the tank. Most of his rolls missed.  But he did his job and kept most of the agro and fearlessly jumped into the fray. ( tries to cover up her giggles)  Of course I ended up knocking him out with a botched roll.

Over all, I’m looking forward to Friday night when we play again.  No telling what our DM has in store.


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