My own reservations on submitting my writing.

In order to be a successful writers you’ve got to do a couple of things.

First of all you have to write. Of which I’ve been doing somewhat more consistently lately than I have in the past year.

Second you have to submit stories.  That’s the portion I’ve not quite done as well as I can.

Most of the time a writer is their own worst critic. Because I read a lot of short stories for the slush pile and for pleasure, I have a tendency to compare myself to what I read. While I believe I’m better than 85% of the slush pile, I know I’m not even in the same league as most of the published material. I may not like all of the stories I read but I can see where an editor was intrigued or captivated by the story or even just a few short lines.

Because I don’t think I can compare with some of those stories,  I want to do this:


Well I do in my head at least. I don’t wad up my stories, as much as I may want to.  But I don’t submit as much as I could or should.

But my stories are improving. My latest sale proves it. I just have more confidence in my skills.

So, this month–with a bit of a tail kick from a writing mentor–I’ll be submitting 4 stories–because I’m nuts like that. And  I’ll be keeping them in circulation until they sell (or I decide they are utter crap and join the growing pile of trunked stories.)

First is a new flash piece for the Shock Totem flash contest.

Second is a new draft of a story I wrote a part of a few years ago (can’t find the original draft anywhere!)

Next is a rewrite of a urban fantasy story for an anthology

and last is a horror story that needs a bit of adjustment for another anthology.

2 new drafts and 2 rewrites in 1 month.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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