Just a weekly update

It’s been another whirl wind week.  Day job has kept me hopping  with loads of meetings evenings have been filled with reading, editing and writing.  Throw in dailies like housework, teenagers and cooking and I’ve just not had a lot of time for the blog.

That’s alright though.  You know why? I’m making progress.

Progress in what? you might ask.

Writing and submitting.

As I said the other day, writers are sometimes their own worst enemy when it comes to feeling their work is up to snuff. After reading many of the short stories out there many writers just don’t feel they are up to par. Then they get caught up in a loop where they don’t feel they are good enough and stop submitting and writing.

And yea, that’s happened to me. But I didn’t stop writing.

I’ve got a box full of stories that I can revise, edit and send out. Some I know I’ll find homes for, others not so sure.

I set a goal of having 4 pieces sent out by the end of the month.

I’ve sent out 2. (Yes the Shock Totem Flash contest counts! :P)

2 more to send out in the next 2 weeks.

At the end of the month I’ll post my stats with word counts and data. Perhaps if I start doing that more often, I’ll keep it up.



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