Let it grow

Sometimes when you write an idea for a story you aren’t ready to write it.

I’ve got several pages of ideas that I’ve not been able to write about yet. It’s not that I’m afraid, its that some writing takes a certain amount of skill.  Skills that beginning writers just don’t posses at first.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t try. I’ve got a trunk of failed stories; some with ideas that were just too large for me to write when I first started.  I didn’t shy away from them, but because I was still learning, I couldn’t quite push the boundaries far enough.

I find myself reading them sometimes, those poor neglected ideas and figuring out new combinations of letters and words to pluck the heart and soul. Then I put pen to paper or mostly fingers to keyboard and ride the images and thoughts that flow.

It takes time to polish and make things just right, and still I fail sometimes.

Because you see, writing is about always learning. Not just about the craft, but the world and the people in it.

That’s why sometimes you have to let an idea grow, so that you will too.


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