The to-do list -April

I’m one of those people who jumps from project to project and often have several things going at once.  From seed bead work to writing, I’ve got at least one project going if not more.

For instance:

I have a knitting project that I keep in my car. This way when I have to wait on kids to finish practice or am watching a ball game, I can keep my hands busy.

I usually have a notebook handy at all times. This way when a story idea hits me (and yes sometimes that is an almost literal phrase) I can write it down.

At work I have a small box of odds and ends to crochet. There’s yarn and variegated embroidery thread that I whip out when I have a few minutes.

I’m a quick reader so at work I often read a few quick short stories between projects to help me reset.

There’s a book in my car in case my wrists hurt and I don’t want to knit.

At home there’s several projects to finish including: short stories to either write/finish/revise this month, a few beading projects, a pair of handwarmers to finish, several granny squares to piece together, at least 3 beading projects, a stack of books in the TBR pile, along with getting my plants started for the garden.

I also have several things to do for Apocalypse Ink Productions, Crossed Genres, Goldfish Grimm and anything else I’ve volunteered to do over the course of time.

So how do I keep it all straight?


It’s the only way I can keep track of everything. Now the creative projects such as the knitting and most of the beading can be put aside but this week I must finish a small cuff to send off for an exchange. I’m not as far with it as I like but I’ll get it done. Once I’m finished with the mid section it will go quickly. I do want to finish writing the short I started last week, but that is going to be determined by  how much down time I have in the evenings. I also have several SEO articles to write (Small ones thankfully).

So every month I’ll be posting a TO DO list and update it at the end of each  month. This way, I can see my own progress and  so can you.

April: has to be done list

2 new short stories written/revised/submitted

any rejected stories sent back out

Beaded cuff finished by Friday April 11 (Yes I will take photos!)

So far I have 30 SEO articles to finish though I might get more by the end of the month.

Various things for AIP

Slush for CG and GG

Want to work on:

Knit shawl – the one that’s in the car

several books – finish Armored anthology

Finish knit handwarmers- crochet edging.

possibly work on novella (Where there is Water)



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