Why you’ve not seen me this week

Well this has been a busy week.

Dayjob has taken a bit more time than usual, but things went great.* I’ve got a lot to catch back up on but I should have all of that done by next week.

Free time was definitely curtailed this weekend by my car breaking down. As I went to leave Friday morning there was a puddle of antifreeze in the driveway.  B was home so he checked into it while I drove the truck to work. From what we can tell, water pumps have a sort of safety feature that causes them to leak before they go out. However, taking the water pump involves a lot of dismantling of the side of the engine. Since our savings was pretty much depleted the month before to help out B’s dad, we decided to handle the repairs ourselves.

Currently the car is still in the driveway with most of the parts reassembled. The last portion is going to be the most difficult. Since we had everything dismantled, we are pulling the timing belt and replacing it. Since my parents owned the car before me, we have a general idea of when that was changed last–somewhere about 70,000+ miles ago. It’s not that the belts wear out though, they stretch and the timing can start to miss.

A retired mechanic friend is going to help us out with this last part. Hopefully things stay dry Saturday so they can get it all put back together. It’s supposed to rain on Sunday. Plus I just realized that’s Mother’s day! O.o

So that left this week with only time to do necessary work. This weekend I MUST catch up. Some things can sit a bit such as finding a new home for a rejected story or finishing one of the others for submission. Other things such as some AIP work must be finished soon. Next week I have to write up a tutorial for a class I’m teaching next weekend. EEEP! There’s some other things that need to be done, but I think I’ll have a bit more time next week to get it all together.





Normally I don’t talk about dayjob much. Just so you know.


3 responses to “Why you’ve not seen me this week

    • Yep, today is finish fixing car day, get ahead on writing assignments, AIP work, and the rest of the housework (minimal) I didn’t get to this week. Next week might be at least normal 😀

      Oh and I did get a flash piece written and submitted. 😉


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