New projects in the works

If you didn’t know, I’m a creative type of person and I always have several projects going but sometimes that bites me in the tail.

I work with a loose schedule most of the time.  Except for #dayjob and assigned writing things, I tend to allow myself time to bounce around. I keep a monthly list of things I want to work on and at least try to finish a few things per list.

Last year, I didn’t do this and I failed horribly on getting anything done.  This year, I’m trying to keep with it. So far, I’m keeping up although this is the busiest time of the year for me and I’ve fallen a bit behind on a few things. (I’m working on catching up I promise!)

This morning I think I just tossed another log into the fire.

As a running joke, a few of us writers have logged on to Twitter and asked how the Monday slaying is going. Most people hate Mondays. We are torn from our beds to satisfy the weekly quota of the dayjob. Slaying Monday is the first step to conquering the week and enjoying the weekend.  Weapons range from ultra strong cups of coffee to nuking the thing from orbit. (The thing being Monday itself–which I completely agree with most days.)

So this morning, I greeted my fellow writers with a “How’s the Monday slaying going?” and was hailed back with a few replies.  But then my head jumped forward to a “what if”.

What if’s are dangerous things for creatives. It often leads to headaches and loads of work that results in a new project. The fun thing is–it’s a new project.  Those headaches and workloads are often completely worth it. 😀

My what if is this:  What if I serialized a series of stories that featured the Slaying of Monday?  I could do 2K words a week easily. And I’d want to work on a new style. Something fun and a bit campy. To make things more fun, what if I made a bunch of prompts, put them in a bag and picked 3 to use each week?  I could pick the prompts on Monday and post at the end of the story for that day. Then I’d have a week to work on things for next week.

So while getting my Dayjob work done, I’m seriously considering this. I’ve already asked a friend to help me with the humor part. (My sense of humor tends to be quite dry and I need to balance that out with another perspective.) I’m also going to consult with another friend who does radio plays. Since this story is going to be serialized, I need to check on some basics of screenwriting.

Kind of excited about this. I think it will be fun.

So what kind of prompts would you like to see in the stories?  I’d like to have a mix of actions, physical prompts and maybe walk on characters. Who knows, they might be main characters at some point. 😉


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!



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