Udate for May 2014

So far, 2014 is turning out to be a very busy year. Dayjob has kept me hopping and I’ve had some new opportunities this year. So far things are going pretty darn well.

One of my biggest goals this year is submitting. I am very happy to say that as of now I have 8 (darn rejection) 7, stories out in the wild.   I’m targeting various markets, from fantasy to horror to science fiction hoping that I’ve sent the right story to attract the editor’s eye.  And of course the rejection slips are piling up.

But that’s the way it is supposed to be.

Currently I have 1 story that has been passed up to the editor in chief of the publication and one more that I need to query on Saturday.  A third I’m considering querying as it was sent to an anthology but I’ve not heard a peep about it since.  I do think I’ll give it another few weeks though.

The rest are floating around in various markets that range from a 20 day turn around to nearly 6 months.  It’s been fun trying to balance all of this out. So glad I  use online submission trackers and spreadsheets to keep it all straight.

Earlier this week I’ve added several stories to my spreadsheet that have been sitting around that need some love (meaning revisions) before being tossed out to fend for themselves in the wild publishing world.  There are a few that I think only need some minor edits while some will be nearly completely rewritten. And no these haven’t been published anywhere, most haven’t even been submitted or seen by anyone except for a few beta readers.

I’m just not sure what stories I’m going to pick for next month. But by June 30 I hope to have 10 submissions out, maybe more if the cards fall right (and nothing gets accepted o.O  and if that happens I’ll happily crunch another couple of stories out)

As to what else I’ve been doing this month, well there was the wonderful Bead Retreat at Lake of the Ozarks. This  is our annual get together for beading, torching, learning and having a good time. Our finances were pretty tight this year, so I didn’t get to take any of the wonderful classes; however I did teach one of my own.

I’ve also done quite a bit of writing of a different kind. SEO articles have helped keep the bills paid and covered the myriad little expenses that keep cropping up.  I’ve done 23 assignments this month.  They don’t take up much time and are sometimes boring but I’m always glad to have that little extra when the car decides to tear up again.

Oh and speaking of that, my little car decided that it needed some love this month so it felt as though the water pump needed changing. Because our finances were tight and it seemed to be a complicated, time consuming, yet doable with our own tools and instructions procedure we decided to do it our selves. Since we were in there, the timing belt needed changing too so off it went. Yes the car is back together, but not it’s not quite drivable yet.  The timing is off and we just haven’t had time to properly tear everything back down for adjustments.  Maybe this weekend.

Slush reading is going well.  Not sure how many submissions I’ve read this month so far. Not a whole lot but enough to keep the piles at manageable levels.

Apocalypse Ink Production work is going well too. There’s some blogs up, and I’ve posted reviews for AIP books I’ve read.

I’ve put up a few posts over the month on:

Why I took down Amazon Links

Why I won’t support Trigger Labels

New Projects

And why I’ve been scarce

So what’s up for June?

Of course more writing. I’ve got to get at least 2 3 more stories out by the end of the month. If anything gets accepted I’ll have to submit more (see my problem here 😛 )

Gardening-  One way or another I’ll have to get my garden started. I have seedlings that  need to be up in the ground along with raised beds that need to be made. Yes I know how to use a skill saw. I may prove it this weekend. 😉  and don’t ask about my yard.  Right now I cringe when I think of it.

Slush – well that is pretty straight forward.  Send Crossed Genres and Goldfish Grim your stories!

Knitting/crochet/beading – I started a new cuff while at the retreat. Not sure if if I like it or not but I’ll finish it. Still working on a knit shawl (I ripped it completely apart because of mistakes. Yes I now use safety lines.) And there’s various crochet pieces scattered around the house.

And there’s always more articles to write, fish to catch, camping and other things to do. So I’m never not busy.

So how are your goals coming along for May?  I’d love to hear more about them.


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