So this is what happens when writers get bored

Since I finished a short story this weekend and needed another story to start on,  I asked what should I work on next.  My first response from @PrinceJvstin was for “popcorn SF” or something campy and fun.  The second response was from @shaunduke who wanted a story about a gerbil warrior.

Yea, lets think about that a minute.

For those who don’t understand the danger in tossing out a few prompts for a writer, well you are in for an experience. You see, writers make a living by putting odds and ends together and creating something coherent. This goes doubly so for speculative fiction writers.

I had my prompts and some time to start putting something together. But I needed assistance. You see, I’m one of those serious writers who has a lot of trouble with “fun and campy.”

So I then took those prompts to another friend @LadyKuro who immediately began tossing more ideas than I had already come up with.

After a little while, we came up with this:  Space Marine Gerbils

Yes you heard that right. Space. Marine. Gerbils.

We have our characters, our first storyline and the villains.

So join us in our hilarious adventures as Kuro and I explore space and beyond in the guise of tough and well trained Space Marine Gerbils. (You can see this will be an  interesting adventure.)

Who knows, you might even see some artwork from me. *GASP*


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