Story #9

wpid-20140603_101102.jpg   I’m almost to my goal of having 10 submission out at one time in the wild.  One more story to go, and it’s been chattering at me this morning. So guess what I’ll probably be doing tonight. 😉

But I’m not going to stop once I have 10 out. There’s just so much to write. I’ve got several ideas to work on including some novellas, my own novels (rewrites) and more short stories. My goal for now is to have at least 10 stories out at all times.  Once I have a bit of a cushion (12- 15 stories), I’ll go back to working on some longer pieces.

Also in the works are a couple of serials.

First #SlayingMondays will be here on my blog.

Next are Space Marine Gerbils. 🙂 This will be co-written with my long time writing friend Kelly Stiles.

Other things are in the works so keep tuned.


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