Novellas vs short stories vs novels

wpid-20140603_101102.jpgNow that I’m almost to my goal of having 10 stories out in the wild, I’ve got a little bit of breathing room and I can dedicate some time to longer work–so long as I keep writing at least 1 short a month and keep things sent out.  This means I have some choices on what to work on over the next few months.

First of all are novels.  Right now I have 3 in various states of completion.  All need rewriting or major edits.  Each of these will take several months to complete. I’m leaning towards the two novels in the Shattered Soul series simply because by fixing a lot of things in the first, I’ll have momentum for the second.

Next are the novellas. These are stories that range from 15,000 words to 40,000 words. I do have one completely written though I’m not happy with it. I didn’t quite hit the darker overtones I was striving for, so it will probably be rewritten.  It shouldn’t take too long as I already have the framework finished, the characters developed, I just needed a darker catalyst.

Another story that I have planned is a SF Murder Mystery. Nothing like smashing genres together. 😉 Not sure if this one is a novel or novella at this point. I have the background information, the characters and setting. I just don’t know all the events yet.  It should be fun though.

Lastly are the short stories that keep bouncing around in my head like a bunch of kids in a bounce house. I’m never going to be able to write them all. But that’s okay. I’ve got ideas for fantasy stories, horror, science fiction and odd mashups.  There’s monsters, heroes and villains. Hopefully some of them aren’t what you expect.

The most important thing is to keep writing, keep sending things off, and keep this ball moving.  That’s what I’ve had trouble with in the past.  Here’s hoping I can keep up.


Thanks for reading.  How are you doing with your submissions? Let me know  I’d be happy to cheer you on!


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