Will I make it to 10?

Okay folks, it’s crunch time this month.  4 days until the end of the month and I have to get 2 stories written, edited and sent out by Monday evening to meet my goal of 10 stories out in the wild by July1.

I have been working on them.  Story #1 is currently at 3,000 words and story #2 has all of the ideas lined out.  I’m not sure how long story #1 is going to end up being (or how much of what I’ve written I’ll have to cut in editing) but I’m sure that story #2 is somewhat short–between 2,000 and 3,000 words.

I would have only had to do one story except I had an acceptance this week. (Cheers!)  Details are forthcoming as soon as I know more.

Then I get to start next month with the Shock Totem Flash contest (Not yet open).  I will get another story out the door for July to establish a cushion for anticipated acceptances or stories I decide to trunk.

Current stats of 2014:

Rejections: 12

Stories out: 8

Acceptances: 1

Shortlistings: 1


So how’s your writing going? Anything new or exciting?


2 responses to “Will I make it to 10?

  1. You can do it! Unless you’ve already picked out a press to send them to, I think that will be the tough part.
    My own writing is on standby while I get caught up on my editing To Do list.


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