13 Rejections

A lot of writers believe that getting a rejection is a bad thing.  The truth is, well it is bad in one way, but good in another. There’s all sorts of information out there as to why they are bad but let’s look at why they are also good for a writer.

Rejections are common in the writing world.  A story or book is sent off, and eventually you get a response. Because publications only have a small amount of room per issue, not all stories will be accepted. Stories that don’t meet the criteria of the publication will be rejected quickly. Good stories will take a little while longer. But even a good story will be bumped for a greater story. And even then sometimes it’s a hard decision by editors as to what story will be published.

Rejections go out daily in the writing world. It’s not personal and it certainly doesn’t mean you are a horrible writer. It just means that the story didn’t quite fit.

So what’s the good side you might ask?

Well it depends on the way you look at it.

First of all, perhaps the story you sent didn’t quite fit into the overall tone of the publication-which is a pretty common reason for rejection. This gives you the opportunity to look for markets that fit your story better. *Pro note- read some of the stories in the publication you are submitting to. This helps greatly in determining if your story will fit.

Second, your story might be perfect for a market that just opened to submissions. Submission windows open and close all the time.  Some publications have very restrictive reading periods, others are open pretty much all year. Plus new markets are opening all the time! So there’s a great chance that it was pure luck that it was rejected from x market so that it fit nicely into y market.

Lastly, rejections mean that you are actively submitting stories. You are trying to get published. You are writing and editing and researching and doing the hard work that many other well known published authors have had to do. It’s not easy, by no means; however you are trying.

That in itself is worth seeing a rejection.

Because if you don’t ever submit,  you aren’t ever going to be published.

It’s that simple.

So go write. Edit that story. Send it out. And don’t be afraid of a word called Rejection.


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