July Update

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. July has been an exciting month. I’ve had everything from flat tires to giggling all through a music video.

I hope your month has been a bit less exciting than mine.

First of all, “The Coin Whisperer” went live- a few months early. It was actually a good thing as I was a bit concerned about the story. however, I’ve gotten a LOT of great feedback from those who have read it.  THANK YOU!

I did get a flash story written and off to the Shock Totem Flash contest. I love that little contest. Everyone writes their best story based on a prompt then the participants get to read and vote on the winner. You also get comments, which is a great help when you go back to revise everything. I’ve read the stories, I just have to comment and vote and within the next week we’ll reveal the winner.

I’m working on another story this month although I can’t say it’s a short one. The original plan was for it to be about 5,000 words but the plot bunnies kind of got out of hand.  With all of the ideas running around, it’s probably going to be a novella or about 20,000 words.  I’ve only gotten about 6,000 words in and I’ve only scratched the surface.

Over at AIP I’ve got a blog post up on Settings in Urban Fantasy. We also released the first book in Peter M. Ball’s novella series this month titled Exile.

I’ve been good and kept the story mill going my stats are now:

Rejection count 2014 – 18
Stories out 11
Acceptances: 1
Shortlisted: 1

I don’t let stories sit, when they come back to me I send them right back out.

Lady Kuro and I are almost finished with the Space Marine Gerbil crew interviews. Look for the next one to go up tomorrow! Look for their adventures soon!

Since I needed a bit of a break, I went back to playing League of Legends. I also took the plunge and played ranked to see where I fit in. I was happy to see I play at a Silver level.  Probably not going to play more than a few times a week but if you play let me know I’d be happy to run a few games with you.

I’ve also been working on some more knitting, ideas for beadwork and odds and ends.  I’ve got to get out some paper and pencils and start sketching the Gerbils. My oldest is learning some of the Photoshop and CorelDraw programs so he might do some illustrations too.  I’ll let you know when that comes up.

August will be interesting.  Kids start school again (Oldest will be a senior!) and I’ve got to get another story written and out the door. I know my rejection count will continue to rise but crossing my fingers on the Acceptances.

So how did July treat you and what are you planning for August?

Let me know!


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